I am a Nutritional Consultant. I am not a medical professional. I write from my knowledge of what works for me. This is my experience, perspective and research I share with you. 

If you have health care concerns, work directly with a qualified medical professional prior to attempting any cure or to treat any illness. 

NEW FALL CLASSES at Exeter Adult Education
Linden St, Exeter NH. 603-775-8457

November 16 - Uncooking Raw Vegan Style
December 7 - Smoothies & Sweet Dessert 
Class cost is $45.00 , Class from 6p to 8.30p

To Join my class: Smoothies & Sweet Desserts

NEW FALL CLASSES at Exeter Adult Education

Exeter NH. November 16 - Day in the Life of a Raw Vegan

December 7 - Smoothies & Sweet Dessert 

Class cost is $45.00 , from 6p to 8.30p , (603) 775 - 8457

Personal Chef Service

Personal Chef Service is conducted at your home in your kitchen. We begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your food preferences and nutritional needs. We will then decide the best services for you and choose a cook date. On your cook date, I will come to your home, spend 3-5 hours preparing meals in your kitchen, You will be delighted to open your refrigerator filled with delicious choices you made. Each meal will be labeled with freezing or heating instructions. 

Contact me for package pricing. 

Live Cooking Classes - Via Skype

Cooking classes Live via Skype! Bring a chef into your own kitchen with your laptop or pad. You'll enjoy the one-on-one attention while I coach and supervise your cooking style. We

will discuss menus for the week and any nutritional needs. 1 hour session.


Cooking Classes - At your home

Need a little motivation to cook at home, save money, and keep you and your family healthy? Then one-on-one cooking lessons are perfect. Lessons will be designed to your specific tastes, and needs. Included are menus to suit your taste buds. Delicious meal ideas, knife skills, and tips for making meals hassle-free will inspire you. Lessons at your home last approximately 3 hours.


Classes can be tailor made for your needs. Below is one such class. 

Classes will consist of learning to prepare a day of meals from raw fruits and vegetables and may including some of the below information. 

  • Why eating vegan and raw vegan is so much healthier than any form of diet. You will learn the nutritional aspects.
  • Efficiency - Prep work to save time.
  • ​Budget Friendly - Where to shop to save money.
  • Equipment - What is needed in a raw vegan kitchen.
  • Juicing, Smoothies, Salads & Entrees for a full day. 
  • Recipe Cards - The recipes of what you make to take home.
  • The Art of Presentation - How to serve your recipes as a hostess would to  make it eye appealing to your family or guests.
  • Making raw vegan lunches that your children will love! 

I work with group classes, workshops and individuals to teach ethical and healthy eating choices. You may also wish to have a kitchen makeover. I will assist you with detoxifying your home to keep your family healthy. 

Un-Cooking classes

Do you find yourself speculating what to feed your family each day?

Do you wonder how to put together healthy meals, school lunches and snacks? 

Pineapple express platter



Family Platters are always a hit. Entice your family with a rainbow of colors on their plates with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.  

Cabbage filled with delicious dip platter

Flower shaped vegetable platter 

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Raymond, NH



I am dedicated to those wanting to adopt healthy living, eating, and keeping our planet pure. 

I am a Wellness, Nutritional  & Lifestyle Coach. I work with those who are on a transitional diet, vegetarian or vegan to ensure the very best for wellness program for you as an individual.