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I am dedicated to those wanting to adopt healthy living, eating, and keeping our planet pure. 

I am a Wellness, Nutritional  & Lifestyle Coach. I work with those who are on a transitional diet, vegetarian or vegan to ensure the very best for wellness program for you as an individual. 


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Why Pine Needle Tea you may ask? What's in it for me? LOTS! And it's free! The needles are believed to contain 4 times as much vitamin C when compared to citrus such as lemons or oranges, for 1 cup of tea you would have to drink 4-5 cups of OJ. This tea is high in fat soluble Vitamin A, which means your body absorbs quickly. They also contain sulfur which helps your hair , skin and nails. 

Step 8: ENJOY! Some may add lemon or honey if you so desire. 

Step 7: Strain the pine needles. My pretty tea cup came with a strainer but you may use a fork, cheese cloth or any other way you may chose.

Step 6: Let your tea steep for 5 minutes either in a tea cup or in the pan. I have a lovely tea cup from Teavarna which was a gift from my wonderful friend Doc. 

Step 5: I bring mine to a quick boil your needles and shut off the burner. Not too long because you want to keep the Vitamin C intact. 

Step 4: Chop the needles a bit, equaling approximately a tablespoon. 

Step 3: Strip off the needles. 

Step 2: Cut a small section off a small tree, the younger the better. 

Step 1: Go outside, enjoy the day! Find a pine or fir tree. A pine will have round "leaves" and a fir will have flat leaves. 

Pine Needle Tea