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"The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years." Deepak Chopra

We are here to live a great life. This can be achieved through healthy living. Our  body knows what it needs even if our minds don't.

Is it time to get up off that chair and change the channel of your life?

My goal is to add years to your life. Healthy, energetic, fun-filled years! 

​I am a recovered compulsive eater. I have been on many diets. Every type you can think of. Over my lifetime I have lost more than 300 pounds of globby gross fat, only to put it back on. I was tired of being, well...tired. So again and again I put on a nice smile, got up off the floor and out of the "I can't do anything" fetal position. I decided there had to be a much easier way to live. Truly live. With eyes wide open.  ​Isn't it time for YOU? Let me help you along your journey. I'm still on mine. Together we can do amazing things!

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Are you feeling lost on what you can or should eat? With all the different fad diets do you ever want to throw up you hands and find an easier way? Do you dream of being full of energy, learning the secrets to improve and extend your life and also improve your immune system. What if you could improve your quality of sleep plus reduce your desire for manufactured sweets? I have an easier way. No calorie counting, no starving, no difficult recipes. No sweat! 

It is time you choose to age with vitality, grace, and a gusto for life!

​"The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and get up eight times" Paulo Coelho

My work is copyrighted and you must contact me prior to using this information or reposting. 

Raymond, NH



I am dedicated to those wanting to adopt healthy living, eating, and keeping our planet pure. 

I am a Wellness, Nutritional  & Lifestyle Coach. I work with those who are on a transitional diet, vegetarian or vegan to ensure the very best for wellness program for you as an individual. 


I am a Nutritional Consultant. I am not a medical professional. I write from my knowledge of what works for me. This is my experience, perspective and research I share with you. 

If you have health care concerns, work directly with a qualified medical professional prior to attempting any cure or to treat any illness.